Monthly Archives: August 2010

The Project Comes Together…

When first confronted with the task of developing an idea for a project, I felt blank and unsure of my capabilities and creativity. Yet within the past few days, a more definite direction has taken shape for this Multimedia Journalism project. I have arranged my first interview with my Arabic teacher, a Ph.D. student at UA of Egyptian and Palestinian descent. She agreed to let me interview her on Monday, and also offered to introduce me to some of the other Palestinian students in the Near Eastern Studies department. I also found an organization here in Tucson called TIARC: Tucson International Alliance for Refugee Communities. I will give them a call later today and try to find out how accessible the organization is, and if I might be able to make contact with some Iraqi, Afghani or Palestinian refugee families through their org.

I’ve been instructed to keep things simple for now, yet I can imagine meeting numerous refugees living in S.E. Arizona and collecting their stories. I am particularly interested in the stories of those who have fled conflict and war zones, and hope to explore Edward Said’s idea of “living in exile.” The primary question I hope to delve into is: how do refugees navigate identity in their new homes in relation to the circumstances that brought them here?

This should be an exciting project, and an exciting semester!